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in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis, 6 speed manual, dual exhaust, wide stance, clean lines, have him floor it, spin it, punch it, drift it, put it through its paces, is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy. helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. (male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: now at 5:30 the superstorem fallout continues. it has been four days since in the hit the east coast and many are still struggling just to get by. food is in short supply, gas lines are long and as you can see here, subway stations remain flooded. the u.s. death toll stands more than 90 people. with damage estimated at 50 golden dollars. nearly 4 million people remained without power. kron 4 charles clifford shows us ju
sunday. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>> "good morning america's" robin roberts sits down for the first time since the health setback that landed her in the hospital. i'm kevin frazier in new york city. >>> "the insider" is on. >>> when i recently went back in the hospital i was emotionally down. >> the "good morning america" anchor's new emotional hospital interview with her bone marrow donor sister. >> i was just like, why am i back here? >> the precautions taken to prevent infections. >>> plus, after reports request "good morning america's" coverage, what her gma family is saying. >>> how oprah's hyping up her bieber sit-down. >> there's never been a star
are about to change america and help people in ways and imagined that they never imagined that happen. >> he wrapped up its aggressive cross-country campaign schedule where he started. >> i feel great today. i am really excited to be here. >> after spending the day and doing interviews and get out the vote initiative, the president and vice president will watch the return from chicago. preelection days voting shows the candidates locked in a dead heat. the winners will not be declared until key swing states post their votes. if three votes and new hampshire, the first precinct in the country to cast ballots are any indication this could be a long night. >> polls close and virginia at 7:00 eastern which could give a good indication of how things will turn out. >> we are still waiting on virginia as well as florida, to some key swing states in the east. arkansas goes to governor romney giving him 73 alike for of college votes to obama as 65. we will continue to track this and bring you the very latest. >> problems with electronic voting machines popping up all around the country. this was post
assistance corp. of america that it helps on the spot financing and help for mortgages. >> there's nothing like meeting face to face with your lender. and with decision maker and if that negotiator could help get the deals get done. >> based on their stuck situation they can afford eight affordable modification and present that to the lender. most of are presented here and it is all free. the banks will pay all fees. >> we come here so that we can meet meet our customer's face to face. and tell them exactly what they need. >> with 80 percent of the applicants are successful and the walk away with the same day savings of $1,000 per month. >> now i'm able to make those payments, there's no doubt in my mind. >> that is a second chance to holding on to the american dream. in san jose rob fladeboe, kron 4 if the ipad mini is it worth it? gabe slate tech report >>pam: the ipad mini this is coming on sale tomorrow. online, could still be a couple of weeks. >> that is the $1 million question. but it is sold out of online. maybe they will because if somebody really wants to secure in it as a holida
waldman. >> solutions to keep america from falling off the fiscal cliff are not pretty. >> it would be really hard headed if they come to an agreement. >> the president and congress allowed a kron agreement to fall over by. >> with higher unemployment, the only positive if there is a positive here is that the deficit will go down. >> if there is no agreement it will just highlight the to functionality. >> we are so strong about or policies, individually but we do not care if we go into a recession rather that then a compromise cahow >> increasing taxes and making money saving changes. it is a tough reality. >> the fun days are over but nobody likes those changes but you have to do it. and it is time to get your finances in order. we have 53 days to figure it out. justine waldman, kron 4. >> we are asking what is the best way for president obama to avoid sending the country to physical left. we of several options you can weigh in on a or facebook fan page will have those results coming up, later. >> this stunning move david petrus designed = = resign = after having an extramarital af
. you can see that nearly every flight birchen america, american airlines, a terminal no. 2, version america, if you're picking somebody up? virgin ? all looking good. >> thank-you, dan let wil we wil check in with you again later, and also expect some company on the roots. in the roads one of the benicia bridge drivers and expected to be higher than the usual trickle says that five the new drivers will travel more than 50 mi.. that would be up a fraction of a percent from last year. 45 percent of those travelers are hitting the road today. >> with all of the extra cars on the road of grant lotus is tracking trafficker run the bay area. you will have that in a minute but first, kron 4 is tracking your holiday weather. let us look at this on the top right is from mt. tam. of the bottom is a san francisco skyline. a very rainy weekend. jacqueline, is this wet weather still going to be gone? >> is, the good news is that we are still seeing some clear skies. if your headed out the door or for this evening or tomorrow you were not " revenue proble problems t with clear skies another- look
named as a murder suspect in the death of a fellow expatriate in central america. selling his namesake company for $100 million, he has been living in the belli---lving in belize and his behavior has become increasingly bizarre. he has been indicted in the death of another american whose body was found saturday night. mcafee is still at large. >> lance armstrong is officially out of his cancer charity " live strong " he had held onto a board seat even after resigning as the head of the organization. the move is the latest fall out after the open allegations. he has been stripped of all his medals however denies that he used performance in hexing drugs. >> the a new jersey's governor says that he is ending the rationing program that is in effect things have eased considerably since these scenes last week. meantime, there are still families living in the dark although there are numbers are down. about 7000 homes and businesses still do not have electricity. the governor of new york is requesting $30 billion in federal aid. >>jacqueline: we could see some temperatures with rainfall possib
by the baseball writers association of america. if you have any doubt on how huge these video came franchises have become take a look to this video. this is normally what looks like when a iphone hits the market but this is what you normally see when the iphone hits the market or if there is a summer blockbuster movie. these to all lined up from all around the world. they can be among the first to get their hands on " call of duty, black ops " g and gabe slate met with video-game experts to see why this is so big. and is it worth $60? >> just a heads up if you have a gamer in rural life. or even a semi-in their holiday wish list? in your life, call of duty is a first person shooter game that plays on the x box 360. it is expected to break records. >> people are probably fatigued but this always adds up selling out. people wait until midnight. stand up in the minds until midnight is a big deal. >> i caught up who writes four games and beat who- rights ...for 'game bea ts'.. >> it is a safe bet. and you know that it is going to be a good time. it is a safe purchase what multiplier modes. competitive
bvirgin america doesn't--good. >> big losses and also the u.s. postal service. $16 billion and mmany of this is of these employee benefits. >> this business model is broken. web use is up and e- mail is up and u.s. postal service is down with a bloated system from the 19th century. ups, fedex does it right. losing 16 million is only embarrassing they want to get bailed out again becomes a lose-lose. >> walmart's seems like a win and win. you. u.s. economy people how much they spend at wal-mart. >> these crazy statistics. one in every $4 is spent at wal-mart on groceries. they are larger than kroger, sears, home depot, combined. many people live with and the cabinets of a wal-mart they serve to order a million people per week. they make millions and 200 million people are served per week. $4,000 per year and all for new service they will send you 5-7 food samples. that is the key word. it is basically like a small reasandtesting of samples. and it is a tedious concept. >> to you still like wal- mart as a stock?, it is long term. but i do not think that is when the good of performer. >
insider" is on. >>> "good morning america's" sit-down the same day barbara's "20/20" exclusive was set to air. >> if they said to me, she's not up to the questions, i wouldn't haven't felt as disappointed. >> why she chose to stick with abc. >> a limited short interview, it's much better than a longer interview which she clearly couldn't handle. >>> plus --
city in america. they're understaffed. there out demand. they're outgunned. and it is not meet their out - manned and is a war zone if you look of the numbers. we want to help fix the problem. we have done our share. how let us have other people step up an respect accept responsibility. >> oakland police were ordered to make reforms but now or nearly 10 years later, like to say this hasn't happened yet but the attorney representing the police union says that rank- and-file officers are the only ones to blame. mayor jean quan was contacted it but not enough only still pictures were allowed in court during kaviar kings. appearance with-his feet and hands were shackled. he seemed to relax as the judge announced bail set at $4.5 million. he will be tried as an adult facing 10 counts, kidnapping cover it, attempted murder, prosecutors announced that there will be trying him as an adult because the violent nature of the crime. if convicted he could face life in prison. it was here at the smaller shopping center last week that police said the 14 year-old approached the victim and forc
to mislead america. >> kron4 once to know what you think. did susan rice handle the situation appropriately? log on to our facebook fan page and i will read the results live tonight. >> president and obama and republicans are each setting up their approach to avoid the fiscal cliff. events this week were aimed at selling his remedy including allowing higher taxes on the wealthy. republicans are claiming that he should instead be sitting down to talk more with them. >> it seems like our president is having some sort of difficulty turning off the campaign. we need to sit down and work this matter out. >> there is little progress with the republicans which is disappointing to me. i they talked some happy talk about revenues but we only have a few weeks to get something done. >> of republicans have had their own meetings. the fiscal cliff is a series of tax increases and spending cuts that economists predict could send the u.s. into a recession. former senator bob dole of kansas has been hospitalized. not many details were replaceleased. his name was mentioned on the senate floor today. dole ov
that the president and romney talked about america's leadership. one interesting moment happened as romney was arriving -- and a man ran up to his car window and began yelling. he was hustled away and arrested. a white house statement says romney and the president promised to stay in touch, particularly if opportunities to work together come up in the future.. we can guess the 'fiscal cliff' might have also come up in that conversation.. today on capital hill - republicans and democrats are still blaming each other for the fact the problem hasn't been fixed.. they're talking -- but that doesn't mean they're moving any closer to an agreement... treasury secretary tim geithner - arriving for a meeting today with house speaker john boehner... the idea - they'd come up with some common ground for avoiding the fiscal cliff. the reality - according to boehner about an hour later... nothing is fixed. nothing much is happening.. >> they know where we stand. it republicans are accusing the democrats of edge of that cliff by refusing to outline possible spending cuts.. democrats say they're still w
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)